Free Fringe Activities held in Singapore

Free Fringe Activities held in Singapore


Top free fringe activity loved by guests?

In Singapore, there are lots of fringe activities that are happening free. For example, there are event festivals for fringe activities wherein one can have fun and entertainment free of cost. 

The most popular free fringe activity is music. One can enjoy any music right from pop to the local music flavors. Listening to old classics with lots of lights on the stage sets the audience to a dancing mood. For these fringe activities Singapore, sometimes even reputed DJs are invited from other countries.

Where should I go for top dance fringe events?

The next in place is the dance performances. Singapore is a country wherein people of different cultures live in co-existence hence everybody can get to see various types of traditional dances. Lots of dance performances by Malay or Chinese dance troupes are always a free fringe activity one can visit and enjoy. This will be a unique experience because it helps in exploring the unseen traditional dance forms. 

Is there anything for kids?

There are lots of free fringe coloring workshops in which children would find it useful. These workshops provide kids with free painting materials.

Is there any use in attending these?

One would be surprised to learn that there are free fringe workshops that allow a wide interaction activity to take place like key chain making, customizing your own items, and many more. Customization has been a hot topic amongst consumers these days and this is how you can engage your targeted customers. Seek these Fringe Activities Professional help to kickstart your event. The materials are freely provided by sponsors, and the participant can be even a walk-in casual visitor. One cannot imagine the joy of taking home something artistic that too made by self. There are free fringe teaching activities on making candles and Tote bags even. Very often the visitors who come for having fun, learn some useful art which they can find helpful in their daily life.

What about performing Arts?

The next important activity is drama art. Most of us know that Singapore hosts a series of fringe festivals where people can enjoy drama without paying any money. Even famous drama troupes from places as far as Canada come and participate in these.

Is there something more amusing?

Another hit among the free fringe activity is the roving magician. He attracts the guests with his skills by making doves disappear, and something else appears in its place. This activity attracts people of all age groups. Magic skills like picking the same playing card as required by the guest or making a flower appear out air make the guest feel special. In these events, the fringe magician does magic after coming into closer terms with the guest.

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