5 Fun Ideas For Virtual Events that You Can Try

5 Fun Ideas For Virtual Events that You Can Try

Ideas for Virtual Events to make sure you are on the right track! When working in a team, it is helpful to get to know one another. However, with COVID-19 rattling businesses worldwide, almost everyone has been forced to go remote. 

So what can one do to help build friendly relationships in virtual teams? 

Well, some ideas For Virtual Events such as icebreaker session before starting the meeting is an excellent way to pull down the barriers between the remote team members. It also helps to create a more connected and open environment.

Here are 5 fun ideas for virtual events like team meetings that can help break the ice and set the table for team collaboration.

Here are 5 fun ideas for virtual events like team meetings that can help break the ice and set the table for team collaboration.

Two truths and a lie

To play this game, ask each participant to list down 3 sentences about themselves on separate sticky notes. 

Tell them to ensure that 2 are true, and 1 is a lie.

The remaining participants can vote and say which statements they feel are true and which is a lie. After everyone has cast their vote, reveal the answer. You can also allow them to ask to follow up on questions about any bizarre statements!

What’s your favorite

For this icebreaker game, each member of the team must answer a few personal questions. Ensure that the questions are not offensive and are fun and light. It is best to bear in mind the organization’s culture while framing the questions.

Although you can draft your questions, here are a few to get started:

  • Who is your favorite sportsperson?
  • Is there any talent or skill you would love to have?
  • How do you like to unwind?

After asking the questions one by one, encourage the participants to respond in an orderly manner. 

The answers to the questions will assist team members in identifying people who share common ideas and interests. This will, in turn, help them feel connected.

Fun quiz

What better way to get a little competitive spirit going than a fun quiz. It will not only energize the team but also add a social element to the online meeting.

However, could you not make it elaborate? Just ask 1-3 questions at the start of the meeting. You can raise the stakes by offering the winner customized merchandise using virtual event printing services.

Desk photo contest

Who does not love clicking pictures! This activity is sure to help team members bond instantly and is super fun. It will facilitate laughter and make the employees feel connected and happy.

To get this activity started, request team members to share pictures of their work desks. Once done, ask them to talk about the photo like what is happening in the background or why they chose that place, etc.

The picture will promote friendly conversations about how they like to work and share useful tips to fellow teammates who are new to remote work.

Recipe Roundup

The lockdown has forced many people to venture into the kitchen more often than usual. This is the inspiration behind our last suggestion in the list of fun ideas for virtual events.

Ask team members to share recipes and pictures of their cooking hits and misses. You can assemble these recipes and photos in a Slack channel or start another contest where people try other’s recipes and post pics.

This kind of team activity is not only entertaining but also helps share glimpses of everyone’s personality.


Working in virtual teams can get lonely. However, the above ideas for virtual events, when incorporated into your daily meetings can bring teams closer and liven up the mood.

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