Resistance Band Exercises – Top 10 That You Can Do At Home

Resistance band exercises are easy to perform, require less space, and have varied movements. Here is a list of top 10 resistance band exercises you can try at home:

Resistance band exercises | 1. Overhead pull apart

  • Using both hands, hold the band over your head. Grip the band such that its length is slightly more than your shoulder width.
  • Bring the band down from behind your head by slowly stretching it apart.
  • Pause for a moment, go back up and repeat.

Resistance band exercises | 2. Over and back

  • Hold the band before you at the waist level. Keep it a shoulder-width apart.
  • Gently pull the band apart laterally. Keep your elbows and arms straight. Lift the band above your shoulders and then over your head.
  • Pause and then bring it back down. Repeat.

Resistance band exercises | 3. Horizontal pull apart

  • Stand straight and hold the band at the chest level, a shoulder-width apart.
  • Stretch the band apart as far back as you can go.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat.

4. Squats       

  • Step on the resistance band and keep your legs a shoulder-width apart.
  • Next, pull the band up such that it reaches above your shoulders. Grip the band such that it touches the back of your arm.
  • Now do a standard squat.
  • Remember to keep your chest up and hips back. 
  • Repeat.

5. Overhead press

  • Step on the resistance band and keep your legs a shoulder-width apart.
  • Gently pull the band above the shoulders such that it touches the back of your arm.
  • Ensure that you hold the band with your palms facing forward.
  • Now stretch the band over your head and keep your hands straight.
  • Pause and lower the band behind your head and then repeat.

6. Deadlift

  • Step on the resistance band and keep your legs a shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend down and hold the band such that the palms face each other.
  • Now do a deadlift as you would typically do and repeat.

7. One-arm row

  • Fasten the resistance band on a pole.
  • Bend your knees slightly and place the left arm over your chest.
  • Pull the band with your right hand till your elbow touches the side of your body.
  • Release the band, come back to position, and repeat.

8. High to low band row

  • Fasten the resistance band on top of a bar or door.
  • Sit on the floor with your legs stretched far out.
  • Lean back slightly and hold the band securely with both hands.
  • Now pull the band back till your elbows touch the side of your torso.
  • Slowly release the tension, return to the starting position, and repeat.

9. Single-arm band chest press

  • Fasten the resistance band on a pole.
  • Place your left leg in front and hold the resistance band with your right hand.
  • Begin by keeping your elbow close to the side and then stretch the band forward.
  • Return to starting position by pulling your elbow back and repeat.

10. Pallof press

  • Fasten the resistance band on a pole.
  • Stand such that the side of your body faces the pole. 
  • Pull the resistance band and bring it to the center of your chest.
  • Hold the band with both hands and push them straight out.
  • Return to starting position by drawing your elbows down to your sides.

Resistance band exercises Conclusion

If you are trying to stay fit without spending on gym memberships, resistance band exercises are a great idea. So get moving!

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